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Documentary Arts Asia exists to…

Increase the number & quality of Asian documentary artists….

to Support emerging and established photographers & film makers….

to Engage & expose the public to the quality documentary work being produced…

 to Assist under-represented groups to tell their stories…

 to Celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to this field and the work they produced.

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DocArtsAsia gaw asia kaw e magrau grang ai documentary shing ni law wa na matu…. Sumla dem ai shing ni hte sumla hkrung shing ni hpe galaw ai ramma ni law wa na matu madi shadaw ya ai shara… Kaja ai Documentary hpe shawa hpang de lu madun na matu shawa hte shing ni sara ni a lapran matu mahkai ya ai shara…… Madu galaw da ai muna kit hkai ni hpe shawa hpang de shabra na yak ai lam ni hpe garum shing tau ya ai shara…… Muna kit hkai mung kan hta magrau grang taw sai ni hpe shagrau kabu ya na shara……

matut mahkai – hpaji jaw salang ni –

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