Sakse agency is a vital part of our ecosystem to support documentary photographers and filmmakers of all levels. The best works produced in DocArtsAsia’s programs and by the alumni go into the agency. There they can be viewed and sold, creating much needed revenue for the artists, widening distribution and bringing them a step closer to being able to make media full time and increasing their motivation.The benefits for local groups is that they have a chance to licence high quality images for their sites, reports and other projects at prices affordable to small local groups.
Sakse also works as a visual archive of North Burma for researchers and future generations of Kachin.

Anhte Malawm Ni Gaw Jinghpaw Mung Hte Sam Mung Buga Ginra Ni A Mabyin Masa Lam Ni Hpe Htawng Madun Ai Sumla Dem Sara ,Sumla Hkrung Dem Sara,Journalists Sara Ni Hpe Garum Shing Tau Ai Wa hte Journalists Sara Ni Rai Nga Ai.

Malawm Ni Yawng Gaw Sumla,Sumla Hkrung ,Fixing worker Galaw Ai Lam Hpe Tara Shang Ai Hku Lit Jaw Mai Ai Hkr Re.

Anhte Malawn Ni Gaw Mungdan Atsuya ,Mungkan Madang Dep Magazine A Matu Cover Stories Ni ,Shi Laika, Dat Kasa Galaw Ai Lam Ni A Matu Aten Galu Bungli Jaw Mai Hku Re.

Project launched : 

June ’15

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Number of Staff :


Hkun Li

Founding Member

Hkun Lat

Founding Member

Ryan Libre


Francis Wilmer