DAA's new center Crowdfunding

DAA is ready to build a new center to support our growing programs, over-capacity films and events, expanding library, establish a permanent Artist in Residence program and provide low cost housing for our staff. We launched a Crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo and are looking for your support and involvement !


Please support our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo by following this link. Amazing rewards are available for our supporters !

The new DAA center will be very stylish and environmental yet low-cost,

in large part to the DAA director and Assistant director having extensive experience in natural building.   Together they can design and lead the building efforts with mostly volunteer labor and local materials.

DAA has been given a free 5 year lease on a large piece of land very near the center of Chiang Mai.

While the construction will be well below market costs for such nice public spaces, this exciting new opportunity will need substantial support.

DAA is reaching out to Foundations, Embassies, Companies and Individuals to collect the funds to make this great opportunity materialize!

Photo gallery of the building process

A 3D model of the center is available.