Photography workshops for NGOs cover all the essential theory and technical instruction of our Basic Photo and Video workshop, with a specific focus on the use of visual media for advocacy and documentation. Workshops for NGOs also cover the basics of file management and use for different output media (web and print resolution guidelines) and a brief overview of legal considerations (copyright and permissions). Below is an outline for a standard 2-days Photography for NGOs workshop, but classes are completely adaptable to the needs of the NGO in terms of both content and duration so please consider this simply a example of a possible set-up.

Day One covers “the Photo” and includes all the very important things not gear related that you need to know to make images with style & depth: timing, context, representation, approaching people, tips for self-study and more. The class covers the basics of quality image making which relate to photos and film equally.

Day Two covers “the Camera” and includes all things technical and gear related: aperture, shutter-speeds, exposure compensation, flash, ISO, White Balance, RAW files, camera settings and the basics of file management (saving and storing), image preparation for web and print, and a brief overview of legal issues surrounding copyright and usage permissions.

If you are involved in a NGO and you want to improve your skills inphotography to benefit your organization, this workshop is made for you! 

Anyone working in a NGO can get 10% OFF!


Raised & educated in Northern California, Ryan has called Asia home for over a decade Ryan spends a lot of time getting to know his subjects and very little time post-processing.

He Went AWOL from the US Army and got a degree in Peace Studies.

Ryan has held solo exhibitions at the Nikon Salons in Tokyo and Osaka, the Fuji Film Salon, The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand, The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan and more.

Ryan’s first feature length documentary When Will It Be is in editing and will be released in Aug 2013. In addition to his own work and exhibitions, Ryan founded and directs Documentary Arts AsiaWhen not working on projects or teaching photography workshops he enjoys working on his organic adobe solar homestead in northern Thailand.



In addition to these regular workshops, DAA will hold special workshops as part of the Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival and Artist in Residence program. We will host workshops from local and guest visual artists and a variety of workshops focusing on many of the other skills needed by today’s documentary practitioners. This program will include areas such as web design, grant writing, marketing and publishing. If you would like to join a workshop please follow the link above, or if you have any questions send us an email to

Anyone from Asia who is serious about documentary photography can apply for a partial or full scholarship.  We encourage diversity in our students to get many world-views represented – all ages, religions, races and backgrounds welcome.

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