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Special Topics

Half day Photographic workshops  All just 500B

Light Painting

Designing your Dreams

Social Media for Photographers & Film makers

Social Media for photographer workshop
Photography literally means “drawing with light”  Join us for a fun all ages evening of painting with light. Bring any camera with shutter speed option and any tripod. By Donation  To follow any dream, be it becoming a photographer or creating a magazine or NGO, good designs and this design workshop will help your dream become a reality. Learn how to market your work effectively without paying an arm and leg.


Infra-Red Photography

 Time-Lapse Photography

Panning Photo Workshop  
 This fun panning photo workshop will bring new life to your camera. Photoshop not necessary! Learn to capture wave lengths hidden from the human eye and open new worlds of photography.  Learn the ins and outs of time-lapse photography,  from shooting to best ways to editing and exporting.

Pinhole Photography

Go back to basics and leave your lenses at home for this workshop. We will make a pinhole lens that can work with your film or digital SLR, then go to a local temple to experiment with them. Just bring your camera body and extra body cap.

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