Screening Schedule – All films start at 7pm

We show Asian themed cinema every Monday. Every Thursday we will be showing documentaries. All films are subtitled in English.  60 baht is the suggested donation,  everyone welcome!  Popcorn is free! We also sell bottles of beer and wine by the glass (80B each). To find out more about the movies, click the titles below. We hope to see you very soon for a drink, popcorn and a great film!  Seats fill quickly, so come early and check out the current exhibition or library before. This Month our themes are Indian Films and Documentaries addressing sexuality so come checkout our new location and gallery.

Monday Movie Night

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 October 5th


October 12th

 Monsoon Wedding

October 19th

The Lunchbox

October 26th


Thursday Documentary Night


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 Love Hotel

October 1st


October 8th

Camp Beaverton: Welcome to Beavertown

             October 15th

 Visible Silence

        October 22nd