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Our podcast series features interviews with photographers and filmmakers, multimedia journalism and news about DAA’s programs and events.

The series enables us to reach people our that physical gallery and magazine cannot. We will be producing many more high-quality podcasts and are currently seeking a company to sponsor this series.

To subscribe using iTunes, go to this URL:

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future podcasts, you can write to:


If you would like to submit a finished multimedia piece about a long term video documentary from Asia or have a body of photographic work that you would like us to consider producing a podcast for, please send us a link to your project, including your biography and a description of the project, to



Download Episode: 001 – John Hulme – In Search of a Job, Any Job
About Episode 001
Download Episode: 002 – Greg Constantine – Exiled to Nowhere
About Episode 002
Download episode: 003 – Athit Perawongmetha – Red Yellow
About Episode 003
Download episode: 004 – Lillian Suwanrumpha – I AM BANGKOK
About Episode 004
wp f28 Sitthixay Ditthaving image
Download episode: 005 – f/28 Chiang Mai Month of Photography
About Episode 005
Download episode: 004 – Sitthixay Ditthavon – Can’t Make It Home
About Episode 006












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