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The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund granted Ryan Libre the 2011 Howard Chapnick Grant to help establish a physical center for Documentary Arts Asia.  The Smith Fund supports individuals who are active in the field of Humanitarian Photography. Specifically the Chapnick Grant is given to encourage and support leadership in fields ancillary to photojournalism.  Since 1979 the fund has worked to seek out independent voices who work and create outside the boundaries of modern publishing and mass media, following the legacy of W. Eugene Smith.



Documentary Arts Asia is under the umbrella of Sulak Sivaraksa’s Sathirakoses-Nagapradeepa Foundation (SNF), one of the most established, active and respected foundations native to Southeast Asia. This relationship gives DAA a broad network to synergize with and a firm legal standing as a recognized non-profit foundation able to accept tax deductible donations.

DAA was the primary local partner for the 2012 Foundry Photojournalism Workshop DAA was honored to host several of the greatest living photojournalists today including Ron Haviv, Maggie Stabler,  Walter Astrada, Andrea Bruce and 14 others others.  These teachers brought students in from all over Asia and beyond.   This amazing event is just once a year and past locations included Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Mexico City and 2013 will be in Sarajevo.
Chiang Mai Creative City (CMCC) is an initiative which aims to develop and promote Chiang Mai so that it can become an internationally known city of creativity and innovation.   Chiang Mai Creative City has brought world class events to Chiang Mai, such as TEDx.   DAA & CMCC support eachothers activities and work together to make Chiang Mai better known as a regional hub for creative people, innovation, events and companies.





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DAA is looking for local, regional and international partners and sponsors.  If you would like to become a sponsor of DAA please send us an email to

Thank you to everyone who is already helping Documentary Arts Asia.