Pina The Documentary


Pina is a feature-length dance film with the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, featuring the unique and inspiring art of the great German choreographer, who died in the summer of 2009. Pina is a film for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders. He takes the audience on a sensual, visually stunning journey of discovery into a new dimension: straight onto the stage with the legendary Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch ensemble, he follows the dancers out of the theatre into the city and the surrounding areas of Wuppertal – the place, which for 35 years was the home and centre for Pina Bausch’s creativity. — (C) Official Site 
 Special pre-film dance preformance by Sunita Asnani and Chris Lechner  so come at 7pm sharp

“windows 2013”    A dance behind glass, two performers, several stories and meanings. A performance act in the
surroundings of the gallery, in midst of daily life, in the dark, in the spaces in between.

The audience is invited to watch from an unusual perspective. How does the ordinary get
transformed by the way we look at it?

Chris Lechner and Sunita Asnani are two movement artists with an Indian background, living in
Europe. They have been working in Chiang Mai since beginning of December 2012, developing
performance work for galleries.