Exiled to Nowhere – Greg Constantine

by Greg Constantine

(Hardback: 160 Pages, Publisher: NP  July, 2012)

In Burma, the Rohingya have been abused, excluded and denied the most basic of human rights, including citizenship. As refugees in Bangladesh and beyond, they have been neglected, exploited and forced to exist in the darkest margins of society. Persecuted and stateless, they are the unwanted and the unwelcome. Exiled to Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya is a photography book by American-born photographer Greg Constantine. The book exposes the stories and plight of one of the world’s most oppressed and forgotten people and also provides evidence of their sheer courage to stay alive whatever the ground beneath their feet. It is the second book from Constantine’s long-term project, Nowhere People.


Greg is an Honorary member of Documentary Arts Asia and books are for sale at the DAA gallery at a special price.     This body of work was also exhibited at Documentary Arts Asia in Feb 2012