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Collective Projects

Collective projects are a way to pool our efforts and unite in our diversity.

DAA will propose a few collective projects per year where all DAA members can shoot stills or video for large project that would take a single person much longer to complete with the same level of quality and depth.

The first DAA collective project is a non-verbal narrative film of Chiang Mai.  Most the the film will consist of time-lapses and short video clips.

Anyone who wishs to submit content for the collective film about Chiang Mai city and surroundings please upload to our Vimeo group made for this project.

Upload only your best clips and time-lapses. Submissions end at the end of 2013.  Don’t wait,  start shooting today!   The film will be edited in January.

If you new to video consider taking a DAA video workshop or Time-lapse workshop.

DAA has a Go-Pro hero 2 for rent that is perfect for time-lapse.

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