Chiang Mai: Through the eyes of Foundry


Shown at the Documentary Arts Asia Gallery in August 2012

The Foundry Photojournalism workshop started in 2008 with the aim of being available, accessible and affordable to young photojournalists and especially to those in developing nations. With classes led by some of the leading professionals in contemporary photojournalism, the concept was based on trying to create a small, but concentrated photography community at each workshop which would learn, shoot and edit together for a week and come out the other side with new friends and stronger photographic and journalistic skills.

Hosted in a different part of the world each year, this year Foundry 2012 was held here in Chiang Mai, Thailand and was considered by the organizers themselves to be one of the most successful workshops to date. Around 150 students from across the world descended on Chiang Mai from the 29th of July through to the 4th of August to learn, share and grow as photojournalists.

Documentary Arts Asia had the privilege to help host the Foundry and is proud to display the instructors selected images. The work on exhibition here represents a selection of some of the best work to come out of this unique and fantastic occasion. As an integral part of the course, participants were required to go out into Chiang Mai, find the compelling stories scattered throughout the city and tell them through using their pictures.

This exhibition represents Chiang Mai, as seen through the hearts and lenses of some of the most talented young photographers in the world right now.

The photographers whose work is on display are: