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The Documentary Arts Asia Agency

DAA provides high-quality, affordable images and footage for NGOs, CBOs and independent media.  We aim to promote a general improvement in the production and usage of documentary work, as well as support local photographers and filmmakers by linking organizations with media professionals from our broad network. Please browse our images or use the search bar on the right.
Places who use images from the DAA agency include : 
US Campaign for Burma Democratic Voice of Burma Findhorn Press   Alternative Asean Network

Licensing images and footage from the DAA agency
Submitting images and footage to the DAA agency

All images submitted to the DAA agency are owned by the photographer who has full copyright and can remove images at any time.  60% of all revenue from image sales will be passed on to the photographer, with the remaining 40% going towards the support of DAA programs. First time image buyers get a 30$ free credit!

If you have any questions regarding agency policy please email

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