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Submitting editorial photos & footage to the DAA agency

Submissions to the DAA agency are only open to DAA members and must be linked through a Photoshelter account (free or paid – either is fine).  To start selling your work through us, just follow the steps below:

To submit images to the DAA agency simply follow the instructions below:

1)  Register as a member of Documentary Arts Asia.
2)  Use your current, or make a new Photoshelter account (free or paid – both work).
3)  Ensure the work you upload is complete with captions and keywords.
4)  Send a mail to stating your intent to join and a link to your Photoshelter account.
5)  Give us a couple of days to look at your work and we’ll get back to you with all the details.

All images submitted to the DAA agency are owned by the photographer who has full copyright and can remove images at any time.  60% of all revenue from image sales will be passed on to the photographer, with the remaining 40% going towards the support of DAA programs.  If you have any questions regarding agency sales policy please email

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